Safe, precise and gentle

Lipophilic bioactive compounds from a wide array of plant, algal and fungal origin materials (whole plants, seed, leaf, root, flower, fruiting body, mycelium etc.) may be extracted by using CO2 as the solvent.

Sub-critical CO2 extraction preserves valuable sensitive compounds (such as volatile terpenes) as it is a low-pressure and low-temperature process.

CO2 is safe and environmentally friendly, no harmful chemicals are used in the process and there are no residues in the end product as CO2 evaporates completely at atmospheric pressure.

Sub-critical CO2 extracts require none or little post-processing to obtain a target extract profile by varying the extraction conditions as CO2 is a highly selective solvent.


Targeted, stable and effective

A carbohydrate matrix (authorized as a novel food in the EU and GRAS in the US) is used to encapsulate the bioactive compounds resulting in a dry and uniform powder. The matrix stabilizes and protects the active compounds from external environment and slows degradation.

Masking of smell and taste is one of the most important aspects for food and beverage applications to avoid altering the original product palette. Due to the carbohydrate content a consistency enhancing and sweetening effect is achieved thus use of enhancers, fillers and sweetening agents may be reduced.

Microencapsulation allows to greatly reduce first pass metabolism allowing delivery of active compounds to intestines for enhanced effectiveness as more of the active compound reaches absorption.

Uniform characteristics allows for convenient use, easy dosage with predictable modifications to the original recipes (taking into account the sweetening and consistency enhancing properties).